Bedside Gun Rack Right

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Manufacture ID: BMWRBGRR

Benchmaster's Bedside Gun Rack-Right is designed to securely hold any size handgun with easy access from the right side of the bed. It contains a non-slip mat to slip between the mattress and also comes with extra button to attached for extra security. Can be used with or without thumb latch. Be ready at all times with the Benchmaster's Bedside Gun Rack. This is the ultimate form of security for those interested in home protection. With rot, mildew, and mold protection, chemical resistance, and low water absorption, this is a safe and effective way to store your firearms.


- Safely stores handgun at ready reach
- Right Side of Bed
- Contains added button for secure mount
- Protection from mold and mildew
- Chemical resistance and low water absorption


- Color: Gray
- Product Dimensions: 8.4" x 6.5" x 2.1"
- Weight: 12.8 ounces