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ProHunter Barrel Weather Shield 26" Fluted - 30-06

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Manufacture ID: 07264753

Thompson Center 4753 30-06 Springfield 26" Matte Stainless Rifle Barrel w/Weather Shield
Pro Hunter Rifle Barrel 30-06 Springfield, 26" Matte Stainless Rifle Barrel w/Weather Shield, Fluted
Thompson Center introduces the Weather Shield series of Pro Hunter rifles. The corrosion protecting Weather Shield
finish is part of the interchangeable system and continues to make it the most versatile hunting market on the rifle
today. The fluted barrel design has two important attributes that increase the accuracy of the firearm. The fluted
barrel has increased stiffness and also allows for an increase in the cooling rate of the barrel. Weather Shield
frames and barrels match up with all Thompson Center Stainless Encore and Pro Hunter components and offer a great
new price point to the Pro Hunter line. The Pro Hunter Weather Shield, just another reason why the Pro Hunter is the
professionals choice.


- Mfg Item Num: 4753
- Type :Rifle
- Caliber :30-06 Springfield
- Length :26 inches
- Model :Encore/ Pro Hunter
- Sights :No Sights
- Finish :Matte Stainless