Stanchion Rail Mount for Downriggers

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Manufacture ID: 2027

The Scotty Stanchion Mount enables you to quickly mount a downrigger to your boats railing stanchion for extra strength and stability. Complete with stainless steel mounting knobs for easy mounting and ultimate portability makes this product a great option. Now theres no need to drill holes to permanently mount fixtures. The 2027 also accepts the Scotty 1026 Swivel Mount and 1010 Compact Mount directly onto the top plate, and is compatible with all Scotty downriggers (except Laketrollers.)


- Mount a downrigger to your boats railing stanchion
- Compatible with all Scotty downriggers (except Laketrollers)
- Stainless steel mounting knobs
- Accommodates stanchion tube angles between 50-90 degrees