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Utensil Tree

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Manufacture ID: 44031

There's nothing like cooking over an open fire. Unfortunately, that includes dealing with a dirty, greasy fire pit that can't keep your utensils, spices and condiments handy and still keep them clean. The Utensil Tree solves the problem all by itself. It keeps everything you need at your fingertips, but out of the way from children and up off the ground.


- 8" Diameter Tray and Drainage Holes For Rain/Spills
- Scalloped Top Keeps Items From Rolling Off
- Adjustable Height
- 3-Pronged Utensil Hook
- Utensil Hook
- 2-Piece Powder-Coated Metal Shaft
- Step Bar with 2 Heavy-Duty 6" Prongs
- Long Cooking Fork Rests
- Towel Bar


- Height: 24"
- Width: 15.875"
- Depth: 3.250"
- Weight: 4 lbs.